Snow and Ice Management

In New Hampshire, snow and ice management is without a doubt the most important landscape maintenance service that happens in a commercial setting. More than just snowplowing, commercial snow and ice management is about mitigating potential hazards such as eliminating blind spots due to snow piles and keeping the pavement dry and ice-free.

Snow and Ice Management is a five-month maintenance service.

Preparation. Snow and ice management preparation begins in mid-November with staking out obstacles and developing a snow management plan that includes business opening and closing times, traffic flows, and snow stacking locations. In some cases, equipment is mobilized to the site.

Plowing. When there are snow events, crews are dispatched on a 2-inch trigger. All efforts are made to keep walkways and parking spaces open during business hours. After closing, pavement receives a final scrape-down and is treated with salt.

Monitoring. Although there may only be a dozen snow events in a winter, ice mitigation is a full-time job. Variations in air temperature, pavement temperature and sudden precipitation can cause slippery conditions if left unattended. At Signature Landscapes, we use the best modern technology and weather monitoring services that alert us to potential icing so that we can act quickly.

We are Green SnowPro certified applicators in New Hampshire.

Our company is trained and certified with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services under the Green SnowPro program. The goal of the Green SnowPro certification program is to get the maximum effectiveness from deicing products while minimizing the quantity used. Through accurate calibration, application timing and pre-treatment options, we can minimize the negative effect of salt on the environment and control costs as well. Because we are Green SnowPro certified applicators, our clients receive an additional layer of liability protection from the state against slips and falls.

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