Landscape Block Walls

Landscape block walls are an integral part of many hardscape projects.

Landscape block provides the vertical component of the hardscape, whether structural or aesthetic – from retaining walls to accent pillars to fire pits. Visually, landscape walls provide a “three-dimensional pop” to any outdoor patio or pool area. At Signature Landscapes, we include landscape wall pricing in the quote when the wall is structurally necessary to the project; however, we will provide a landscape wall option when the primary function is aesthetic.

There are generally two types of landscape block walls that we install:

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are necessary where drops in elevation are an issue – whether trying to maximize usable space in your yard, leveling for a pool enclosure, or terracing in a front walkway installation. The type of Segmented Retaining Wall (SRW) block that we recommend will vary depending on the site conditions and application.

You only have one chance to get it right when building a retaining wall!

When it comes to retaining walls, the block itself is only a veneer – it doesn’t hold back the earth. The most important aspect of building retaining walls is what happens behind the wall. As NCMA certified SRW Installers, we always design the retaining wall system based on site conditions – the slope, soil type and load-bearing factors on top of the wall – and then engineer soil reinforcement and drainage systems accordingly behind the wall.

freestanding curved block wall

Freestanding Landscape Walls

The dimensional uniformity of Segmented Retaining Wall (SRW) block allows us to build freestanding walls within a landscape construction project with ease. Freestanding walls are primarily aesthetic additions to the hardscape. These vertical elements provide a sense of enclosure and physical structure to the built environment. Some examples of freestanding SRW block wall applications are seating walls (also known as bench walls), columns, fire pits, water features, outdoor fireplace structures and gas grill enclosures. With such a wide range of colors and styles ranging from rustic to contemporary, landscape block walls have become an essential element in modern landscape design.

Would you like lights with your wall?

No backyard pool design or front entry terracing would be complete without landscape lighting. Lighting up landscape walls and other hardscape structures provides a feeling of warmth as well as safety to your outdoor living space. At Signature Landscapes, we always include an option to install LED low-voltage landscape lighting in your wall project.