Paver Patios and Walkways

At Signature Landscapes, we install a lot of paver patios and walkways!

Our hardscaping construction team members are industry trained and certified in the proper installation of concrete pavers. You might say they’ve got it down to a science. We love concrete pavers so much that it is the only flat-work option we offer.

Concrete paver patios are superior in every way.

The cost of paver patios is significantly more than poured concrete. This concern comes up almost every time we provide an estimate for pool deck patios. There are several advantages that make it worth the extra money to choose concrete pavers over poured concrete:

  1. Concrete Pavers are segmented. Here in New England, with our freeze-thaw cycles, the best paving materials have some flexibility. Asphalt has some; poured concrete however is very rigid and susceptible to cracking. You might say that concrete pavers are “pre-cracked,” allowing for some seasonal movement.
  2. Concrete Pavers are removable. Paver patios are far superior when utilities under the pavement need repair, or when a section of the surface is damaged due to a paint spill. The pavers are simply removed and reinstalled at minimal cost with no visible sign that a patch had been made.
  3. Concrete pavers are beautiful. The design capabilities for concrete paver patios are endless. By mixing styles, colors and integrating inlays and banding accents, each patio is truly a unique work of art. The cost difference between pavers and poured concrete is returned in an increased value of the home.

We do more than paver patios!

While we are known as pool hardscaping specialists, we do more than paver patios and pool decks. Concrete pavers are the number-one choice for front walkways and an excellent option for driveways. Yes, driveways! Many people wonder, “how do paver driveways hold up under the weight of a car?” The segmentation of concrete pavers is actually the secret to their strength (called “interlock”) – the weight is distributed over a wider area. With proper base construction, concrete pavers can withstand a downward pressure of more than 5,000 psi.

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Is it time to give your backyard patio area or front walkway a fresh new look? Contact our designer today for a free consultation to see what paver options are available to you.