Granite Steps Are a New Hampshire Favorite

Granite steps in front of New Hampshire house

Native to New Hampshire, also known as “The Granite State,” granite is a popular material to use in outdoor steps—with good reason. Granite is a type of natural stone, which makes it far more durable than concrete.

On top of that, it’s virtually maintenance free, and wrought-iron railings can be easily and securely installed. Several different finishes are available for granite steps as well. A “thermal” top (made by running a high temperature flame over the granite) is an excellent slip-resistant finish that gives excellent traction, and quite important in New England’s wet and icy winters.

However, the advantages of granite can be lost if you don’t have a solid foundation for your steps. Without a correctly prepared base, your granite steps will shift and settle into the ground, becoming crooked and uneven. When it comes to installing your steps, it is critical to have a well-prepared base for them.

1½” of compacted gravel is a suitable base for granite steps, providing a strong foundation. Better yet, a four-inch-thick concrete pad poured over your gravel base provides an immovable foundation that will stand the test of time.

Making sure that your steps are installed correctly can be a challenge, but if properly installed, your granite steps will last practically forever. Best of all, you’ll never need to replace them again!

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